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This is vinya (Quenya: "new") in Tengwar writing. Unfortunately, the tehtar (vowel-marks, one dot for i and three dots for a) are difficult to read against a dark background.

Added February 13, '24:

Psalms 100-109 translated into Neo-Quenya!

Added October 18, '23:

Psalms 140-150 translated into Neo-Quenya!

Added November 3, '23:

The book of Nahum translated into Neo-Quenya!

Added October 18, '23:

The book of Habakkuk translated into Neo-Quenya!

Added October 18, '23:

Psalms 140-150 translated into Neo-Quenya!

Added September 30, '23:

Psalms 120-129 translated into Neo-Quenya!

Added September 21, '23:

The book of Joshua translated into Neo-Quenya!

Added September 21, '23:

Psalms 1-9 translated into Neo-Quenya!

Added September 13, '23:

Psalms 110-119 translated into Neo-Quenya!

Added July 12, '23:

The book of Micah translated into Neo-Quenya!

Added July 12, '23:

Psalms 130-139 translated into Neo-Quenya!

Added May 6, '23:

The book of Amos translated into Neo-Quenya!

Added May 6, '23:

The book of Job translated into Neo-Quenya!

Added February 11, '23:

Not really belonging to Ardalambion proper, but here's a silly little YouTube video I put together:
Quenya vocabulary exercise

Added December 19, '22:

Hríweresse Neo-Quenya poem by Vicente Velasco!

Added March 21, '22:

Three new Bible books added:
plus that Exodus, previously only available as the first half (as of January 29, 2020) is now complete:

Added January 29, '20:

The first half of Exodus translated into Neo-Quenya!
The first half of Exodus

Added April 26, '19:

The Book of Joel translated into Neo-Quenya!
The Book of Joel

Added December 17, '18:

The Book of Genesis translated into Neo-Quenya!
The Book of Genesis

Added March 19, '17:

The Books of Zephaniah and Zechariah translated into Neo-Quenya!
The Book of Zephaniah
The Book of Zechariah

Added December 13, '17:

The Books of Haggai and Obadiah translated into Neo-Quenya!
Haggai and Obadiah

Added December 22, '16:

The Book of Jonah translated into Neo-Quenya!

Added December 16, '15:

Some pictures from my area with Quenya commentary:
Ter i Loa Vehtenyasse

Added June 12, '15:

The Letter to the Ephesians translated into Neo-Quenya, completing the entire New Testament!

Added March 4, '15:

The Acts of the Apostles translated into Neo-Quenya:
Acts of the Apostles

Added December 22, '14:

The Letter to the Galatians translated into Neo-Quenya:

Added August 8, '14:

Three new Bible letters translated into Neo-Quenya:
First Thessalonians

Added March 21, '14:

Romans - a Neo-Quenya translation of the Letter to the Romans

Added January 6, '14:

Luke - a Neo-Quenya translation of the Third Gospel

Added August 22, '13:

First and Second Letter to the Corinthians - a Neo-Quenya translation of two New Testament letters

Added December 21, '12:

Matthew - a Neo-Quenya translation of the First Gospel

Added December 22, '11:

Mark - a Neo-Quenya translation of the Second Gospel

Added December 21, '10:

Practical Neo-Quenya - my comments and observations on the largest Neo-Quenya translation project I (or anyone?!) has ever undertaken, the rendering of the entire Johannine corpus of the Bible into a form of Quenya.

Added December 22, '09:

Luke 2 - a Neo-Quenya translation of the Third Gospel's version of the story of Jesus' birth.

Added September 1, '09:

A Name for the Dark Lord - a detailed study of the name SAURON.

Updated December 25th, '08:

Quettaparma Quenyanna - Quenya-English wordlist greatly expanded with new material published in 2007.

Added May 15th, '07 (the ten-year-anniversary of the Ardalambion site):

Parviphith Edhellen - an English-Sindarin wordlist including the principal mutations and plural forms of words.

Added December 24th, '06:

A Neo-Quenya translation of Revelation - all twenty-two chapters! Available as an RTF file.

Added December 25th, '05:

A Neo-Quenya translation of the Gospel of Matthew - or at least the five first chapters. Available as an RTF file.

Added December 24th, '04:

A Commentary on Tolkien's Tengwar Translitteration of Namárië - by Vicente Velasco. Available as a PDF file.

Updated October 14th '04:

Probable Errors in the Etymologies - article updated with material from VT45 and VT46

Added December 24th '03:

The Story of Jesus' Birth - a Neo-Quenya translation of Matthew 1:18-2:11

Added November 20th '03:

Tengwar Version of Genesis - a Tengwar transcription of my attempted Quenya translation of the first two chapters of the book of Genesis, worked out by Javier Rojas. Available as a PDF file.

Added June 12th '03:

Reconstructing the Sindarin Verb System - an article presenting the evidence and the deductions underlying the reconstructed Grey-elven verb system presented elsewhere on these pages.

Also on June 12th, a section about Quenya Stem Variation was added to the Appendices to my Quenya course.

Added May 15th '03:

The Evolution from Primitive Elvish to Quenya - A Comprehensive Survey. A new (PDF) edition of the article originally published as an RTF file on December 25th '01, now edited and updated/annotated by Vicente Velasco.

February-March '03:

A revised version of the Quenya Course was uploaded, and a new section ("Historically Justified Forms, or Analogical Leveling?") was added to the Appendices to the course.

Added December 25th '02:

Quenya-English and English-Quenya wordlists - available as RTF downloads

Added May 15th '02 (the five-year anniversary of the Ardalambion site):

How many languages did J.R.R. Tolkien make?

The Lord's Prayer and Hail Mary (Quenya) - available as an RTF download

Orkish and the Black Speech - the main article is old, but a substantial Appendix written by Alexandre Nemirovsky has now been added, discussing a possible primary-world influence on the Black Speech

Added January 3rd '02 (yes, the day Tolkien would have turned 110):

A Second Opinion on the Black Speech - analysis by Craig Daniel.

Added December 25th '01:

The Evolution from Primitive Elvish to Quenya - A Comprehensive Survey. This treatise, available as an RTF download, attempts to list the sound-changes that occurred as High-Elven evolved from the earliest forms of Elvish.

Added August 17th '01:

To ss or not to ss - a Gollumish problem. This article discusses the variant spellings of "Noldorin"/Sindarin words in -ss, sometimes but not always reduced to -s, and suggests how the material can be regularized.

Added May 20th '01:

The Qenya Lexicon reviewed - a review originally published in Tyalië Tyelelliéva

Added December 24th '00:

Quenya Course - downloadable lessons with exercises. (New lessons were added to this course throughout 2001, until it was complete.)

Added August 15th '00:

The question of nd or nn - about the behaviour of the cluster nd in "Noldorin" vs. Sindarin

Added June 17th '00:

Suggested Conjugation of all known or inferred Sindarin verbs

Added December 19th '99:

Roccalas - Quenya poem by Ales Bican

Added August 19th '99:

On LH and RH - a short treatise about a major phonological revision separating "Noldorin" from Sindarin

Added June 20th '99:

Etymological notes added to the wordlist in the Ilkorin article

Added May '99:

Genesis 2 - annotated Quenya translation of the second chapter of the Bible

Artificial Languages by Robert Isenberg, an essay discussing Klingon and Quenya. Some of my articles are among the sources, so Isenberg kindly granted me permission to put his essay on my page. His conclusions are his own, but I think he makes some valuable observations.

Added March '99:

Index to the Qenya Lexicon - a guide to Tolkien's earliest Elvish wordlist by Elvish words

Etymological notes added to the wordlist in the Old Sindarin article

Added January '99:

Fíriel's Song - analysis of a song in late "Qenya"

A Qenya Botany - compiled by David Salo

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